Concierge Membership




Our premium membership allows you to request custom experiences all over the globe.  As with our All-Access plan, your membership fee translates into Member Money for you to use on all kinds of dining options. In addition to receiving our monthly picks and being able to book anything you see on our Instagram, you can request specific dates and locations for us to investigate for you. Traveling to Europe and don’t see anything listed? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to find something in your destination! Planning a special event and want something truly unique? Send us a note and we’ll connect you with an experience that fits the bill!

The annual cost of the Concierge Membership entitles you to $300 in Member Money, which can be applied to any experience’s ticket price. If you use up your Member Money, you can refill your account at any time. If you haven’t used it all on your annual renewal date, the remainder of your Member Money rolls over. If you haven’t used any of your Member Money as of your annual renewal date, $250 will roll over to the following year and we will retain a $50 holder’s fee. Please see our FAQ page for further details.