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Everyone loves great restaurants – but when you’re looking for something fresh, creative and unique, underground dining can’t be beat. Chefs all around the world invite guests into incredible private spaces to showcase their culinary chops while crafting social experiences like no other.

We find and taste the best that the alternative food world has to offer – then invite our members to the table.


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un·der·ground  di·ning

/ˈʌndərˌɡraʊnd/ /ˈdaɪnɪŋ/

Def: Culinary experiences that happen once in a while, in secret locations, for only a few people.

Also known as: supper clubs, pop-ups, foodventures.



    Sure, going out to dinner is great. But sometimes you want to learn something, delve a little deeper into your subject than just, y’know, stuffing your face with it. If you’re the one in your friend group who likes to make lists of your Top 5 Favorite Burgers, or you find yourself constantly wondering “why doesn’t MY [insert delicious food item here] ever taste as good as that one from that place?” these will be your jam.

    Cooking Classes, Workshops, Food Tours

    Are you passionate about food AND letterpress? Do you sell things on Etsy and have an Instagram filled with #yolkporn? These dinners are for you. The focus is not just on the food but also on the tablescape, the menu cards, the napkin rings. These dinners are artisanal to the marrow, and you may walk out of each with at least one addition to your life wish list.

    Design Dinners

    Do you think it would be fun to have dinner on a helipad? That was a rhetorical question: OF COURSE IT WOULD BE. These dinners will earn you cool points as well as delight your tastebuds. You may have to do a little legwork to get to the table (they’re not flying you in the helicopter to that helipad, after all) but once you’re there, you’ve got social media catnip for the ages.

    Destination Dinners

    This is what being a locavore is all about—when you belly up to these dinner tables, you’re about to sample the true fat (and carbohydrates, and protein) of the land. Seasonal and informal, you’re not going to find fresher ingredients anywhere.

    Farm Suppers


    Consider these the Snapchat of the underground food scene. If you see one happening, grab a seat! Because it’s not going to be there tomorrow, or the day after. And how will you tell your friends you didn’t get a chance to taste the hot new chef’s hot new menu months before he ever opens his hot new restaurant?


    Sometimes a supper club or underground dinner gets so big or so popular that it doesn’t make sense for it to stay fully underground. Investors come on board, restaurant status is obtained…but something nags at the chef. They didn’t envision doing 200 covers a night when they started with their hatchling of a brilliant dining idea. So these “restaurants”, while technically just that, still retain an air of the unique, the small and the local. They often have odd hours, or only serve a few nights a week. Many of them are very small, preserving the ethos of only serving a few guests at a time. This means, of course, that these meals won’t come cheap. But they’re sure to be highlights of your dining adventurous lifestyle.

    Small Batch Restaurants

    If you’re the type who’s always looking for a bar where you can have a quiet conversation, supper clubs are your perfect alternative dining match. Guest lists at these meals are often on the smaller side, and chances are you’re stepping into the chef’s home to dine, so you’ll get a chance to interact with the host and each other.

    Supper Clubs

    If you want to experience underground dining, but aren’t quite sure where to start, this is your best bet. They’re usually large enough that you can branch out to meet new people, but you don’t have to. If you can’t go one weekend, there will probably be a seat waiting for you some time soon. Fans of these dinners tend to show up again and again, like regulars at a restaurant. But a restaurant where the chef greets you by name, you can bring your own booze, and everything tastes and looks just a little more delicious.

    Underground Dinner Parties